Align and Invigorate with the Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a total-body wellness process that improves your body’s alignment and movement. Structural Integration’s benefits:

  • Reduce chronic tightness and pain
  • Increase freedom of movement
  • Use less effort to run, jump or dance
  • Resolve compensations from injuries

A basic series of Structural Integration includes 10 sessions. The series covers all major segments of the body: arms, legs and feet, torso and head. Structural Integration sessions include a range of soft tissue techniques somewhat like massage. Single sessions and short series are also available.

This method was developed by Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1950s and has been further refined by her students since then.

About Barbara Jean Conti

Barbara’s goals are to work with integrity and honesty and to respect the client’s process and boundaries.

Barbara’s interests include the body in motion, yoga, and healthy lifestyles. She is curious about how the body works and what affects movement – an interest that is supported by her education in mechanical engineering.

Barbara has over 1,000 hours of training from the Guild for Structural Integration. The Guild for Structural Integration was initially founded and named by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the mid-1960s. The Guild was re-established in 1989 by a group that included two of the first trainers selected by Dr. Rolf to teach her method.

Barbara’s Website

Diploma, Guild for Structural Integration, Salt Lake City, Utah

Certification: Wheeler Fascial Work for Scars (2015) by Sharon Wheeler
Certification: CranioSacral Therapy (2018) by the Heartwood Institute of Integrative Medicine

Member, International Association of Structural Integrators
Member, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Member/Volunteer, Healing Hands Network

Minneapolis Business License LIC70693 (expires 1/1/2019)


Barbara’s office is located at 201 East Hennepin Avenue, in Northeast Minneapolis (above Ginger Hop restaurant).



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