When should you pick up the pace?

For many people, the fast pace of daily life contributes to stress. In that case, slowing down – such as single tasking – can be beneficial. When it comes to walking, though, most of us probably need to speed up. Recent research from Oregon State University indicates that walking more briskly is better for your health than a leisurely stroll.

The study looked at the number of steps people took as well as how quickly they walked during their fastest 30 minutes of the day. Those 30 minutes did not have to be all at once – they could be broken up into smaller increments.

People who walked at a moderate to vigorous pace in their top 30 minutes had better health data. Their numbers were better for their chances of having common conditions Walk Crossing Signallike diabetes, heart disease or stroke.

Ideally, the study suggests walking for a total of 30 minutes per day at a cadence of 100 steps per minute or more. The next time you take a walk, consider checking your pace to see how close you come to this guideline.


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