Concussions and whiplash

Have you ever hit your head or been in a car crash? Bodywork can help you feel better. I recently completed a workshop on improving the symptoms of concussion and whiplash with craniosacral therapy. This gentle technique offers powerful relief! Once cleared by your doctor (generally, at least a month after a head injury), come in for a session.

After a head injury, it’s important to be evaluated for concussion and allow time for your brain to heal properly. Symptoms after a concussion range from obvious to subtle. A person with a concussion may black out or may only feel “off.” For some people, even a minor-seeming accident can result in longer-term issues like sensitivity to light and noise or brain fog. 	HEADS UP Parents - Get a HEADS UP on Concussion

To learn more about concussion and its treatment, visit the US Centers for Disease Control’s Heads Up program which contains good information about concussions for parents and coaches.


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