Rate increase

Dear Valued Clients –
This summer, it came to my attention that my session rates are well below what many other practitioners in the metro area currently charge. My own practitioner now charges $150 for a 60-minute session. After long consideration, I have decided to increase my fees. My last rate increase was 2011.

However, I know that cost is a significant consideration for some of you. If the higher costs listed below would be a barrier for you to receive work from me, please let me know. I am willing to be flexible! I would far rather see you at lower prices than for you not to come in when you need SI body work.

Thank you for your business; I am always grateful and delighted to work with you.
Best Regards,

Fees effective August 1, 2016

60-minute session: $85
90-minute session: $125
Ten-series package: $1,125

Student & Senior (65+) discounts
60-minute session: $75
90-minutes session: $110

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