In memory of Emmett Hutchins

Last week, the Structural Integration community lost one of its masters. Emmett Hutchins died on June 27 after a short illness. I attended the Guild, in part, because Emmett and Peter Melchior were there. They were the first instructors that Ida Rolf selected to teach her work. I wanted to follow a direct line of teaching from her. I was fortunate to take my first class on the Rolf Method from Emmett and Jeff Linn, in 2005. The quality of his touch and his ability to differentiate the layers of the body were amazing.

His biography, below, is from the Guild for Structural Integration‘s faculty page.

Emmett Hutchins

Emmett began his studies with Dr. Rolf in 1965. Her influence, both personally and professionally have made a profound impact in his life…which he shares so beautifully with students and colleagues alike. Dr. Rolf and Emmett had a close relationship until her death in 1979.

In 1971, Emmett co-taught his first class in Structural Integration with Peter Melchior. They were Dr. Rolf’s first appointed Instructors and both have been integral in developing and teaching her work ever since.

Emmett’s talented hands and unique mastery of the work combined with his theoretical abilities, metaphysical studies and exceptional dedication puts him in a class of his own. His particular style in his practice and in the classroom is famous worldwide.


Rest in peace, Emmett. You are greatly missed.



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