Running Form

Are you a runner? As the snow melts and the temperatures warm up, you might be thinking of switching from the treadmill to taking workouts outside. I hope you are also thinking about your running technique. I like the information on Good Form Running. The four main topics are posture, midfoot, cadence and lean. If you are ready to practice some new running habits, this video discusses transitioning from “common running form” to “good form.”20160325_170637_resized

While I know some people who successfully run in minimalist shoes, I prefer a normal, neutral shoe. If you want to go the minimalist route, prepare by strengthening your feet. Assess your physical readiness per Runner’s World. Make the transition gradually (say, over 2-3 months).

More resources:
Running Form ebook

PDF with photos from Twenty Six Two marathon club on good form

Harvard Running Barefoot FAQ on transitioning to minimalist shoes




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