Mindfulness-based Pain Management

I recently read a book called Your Are Not Your Pain by Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman. This book is about mindfulness-based pain management. Their organization in England is called Breathworks. They offer online courses and downloads, and sometimes have classes in the US.

One of the concepts I especially liked in the book is using a body scan to help integrate your body and mind. Wellness and healing includes the body, mind and spirit. If your mind and body are not connected and communicating well, you are at a disadvantage in improving your wellbeing.

photo by Barbara Conti

The meditation focuses on the breath as you take your awareness through the body. Whether you have a concern with chronic pain or not, I think this is a useful practice. You can listen to this guided meditation, along with other sample exercises from the US publisher’s web site. It is Meditation 1.


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