Differentiation and integration

The techniques of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration can result in “differentiation” and “integration” in the body.  What does that mean? Differentiation is separating or helping tissue to function more specifically. It can include clearing adhesions between layers of tissue. It can also help the body learn which muscle or muscles should do a particular action – or how to not use unnecessary muscles for a given movement. Integration occurs when your body’s structure is working together in a more optimal way, providing ease of movement.

Here’s what Hans Georg Brecklinghaus says about differentiation and integration in his book Rolfing Structural Integration: What it achieves, how it works and whom it helps.

Differentiation is the functional separation of body parts and layers, which allows them to move freely and independently of each other. Integration, on the other hand, enables all the body parts to cooperate and constitute a more complex entity on a higher level of organization. This will make the body move more efficiently and gracefully.

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