Exercise and learning

In a recent article, Gretchen Reynolds of the New York Times summarized some important research. A new study confirms that children think better if they move more. The trend for many schools to reduce the time allowed for recess or cut PT is counterproductive. Play that includes running, chasing and jumping improved children’s ability to think.

This study evaluated 8- and 9-year old students. One group romped as guided by the researchers and a control group did only usual after-school activities. Children in the exercise group not only improved their fitness but also improved in tests of executive function. The executive function in the brain is what allows us to plan and achieve goals, focus on a task or curb undesirable behavior. The more exercise the children did, the more their cognitive tests improved.

I’ve written in other posts about the benefits of staying active. We need to start moving early and keep it up throughout our lives.

For more inspiration see this photo essay of children playing, from Bored Panda


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