Seattle Seahawks benefit from the Rolf Method

I think most people would agree that playing pro football can be hard on a body. How do players stay healthy throughout the season? If you’ve looked at the links page on my website, you’ve seen that the Minnesota Vikings have worked with a local Rolfer ®.

Sidney Rice carried the idea to Seattle and now he is among the players working with Russell Stolzoff. The Bellingham Herald had an article about it recently.

Here are a couple quotations that I liked.

Norman Stolzoff, Russell’s brother and the business side of Stolzoff Sportworks, compares Russell’s work on athletes’ bodies to that of a mechanic working on a Formula 1 race car.


“I feel like I benefitted from it after just having one session,” Tate said in the video, which was produced mid-December. “Although for us it’s Week 14 or 15, I still feel fresh.”

Read the full story here:
Just think what the Rolf Method could do for you in 2014! Why not try it?

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