“Mindfulness vs. Smartphones” article

I was pleased to read an article which supports something that I have long suspected! Constantly fussing with your smart phone is a bad idea. Why?

  • There is a mental cost to switch between tasks.
    …when you multitask, tasks take more time and have higher error rates…
  • Seeking instant gratification makes you less happy.
  • It inhibits achieving “flow.”
  • You can’t be in the moment.

Read the full story by Michael Melcher.

Need some tips on being more mindful? The sidebar in this story, “What’s the Buzz about Mindfulness,” has 10 easy options.

One response to ““Mindfulness vs. Smartphones” article

  1. I agree… being too wrapped up in our phones impedes our ability to interact with the world. Thanks for sharing… The article is really interesting. “instant gratification is the opposite of mindfulness”… I hadn’t thought about it that way.

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