Bicycling season

While some people at my day job ride their bikes year ’round, for me it’s an outdoor activity for the non-snow season. Biking is a non-jarring exercise. With the various styles of bike available, most people can find one that fits their needs and is easy on their backs. For trips within a mile of your house, riding a bike can be as fast or faster than taking the car and prevents pollution.

If you have not biked or are a bit rusty, why not try it during Bike-Walk week, June 9-15?

We are lucky in Minnesota to have lots of bike trails and good support for biking. If you are looking for local or statewide trail ride ideas, nearby bike or coffee shops, or a bike club, check out Pedal Minnesota.

The city of Minneapolis recently started a FREE bike registry to help reunite lost or stolen bikes with their owners. The city’s website has other useful information, like videos on how the new bike lane markings work. Visit the Bicycling in Minneapolis page for details.

For practical safety tips (with diagrams!) if you ride on the roads, in addition to the web sites above, check out Bicycle Safety: How to Not Get Hit by Cars.


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