More on exercise benefits

Those of you who know I hurt my foot recently while exercising may have also heard my (somewhat tired) joke that being healthy can be bad for you. The reality is, apparently, just the opposite as described in this recent LA Times article about a new study on fitness.

“Study finds exercise adds to life expectancy, even for obese 
Researchers call the study a wake-up call for ‘healthy weight’ couch potatoes who believe their good BMIs will ensure them a long life.”

Another bit of good news in the study is that people showed benefits even if they weren’t meeting current guidelines for the amount and level of activity. Benefits were seen at “…about 2.5 hours a week at moderate intensity or for 75 minutes at vigorous levels…” Just over 20 minutes a day of moderate exercise can add 3.5 years to your life. Wow! I hope that if you are not currently exercising, you will try to find time today to go for a walk and make exercise a habit.


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