The days are short

It’s that time of year here in the north, when the amount of daylight is just too short. I have heard from lots of friends and colleagues already that the winter blues have started. What to do?

Not sure if it’s the winter blues or SAD (seasonal affective disorder)? Mayo Clinic explains SAD and the winter blues.

Even if you don’t have full-blown SAD, being in stronger light can be very beneficial. If you can’t get outside in the sunlight during the day, a light box can substitute. One local supplier is Light Therapy Products in Stillwater.

Photo by C. Hubbard at the Como Conservatory

One of my favorite bad-weather therapies is to visit an indoor garden. The Como Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul is wonderful. Larger garden centers also have lovely indoor plant displays. A few to consider are Gerten’s, Bachman’s or Wagner’s.

And, the general things we should all do – eat right and exercise – also apply to beating the winter blues.

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