A few books about the Rolf method

Perhaps you are thinking about receiving a 10-series of structural integration, and would like to read more about it. Here are a few books about the Rolf method that might be helpful. Find them at your local library or book merchant.

The Rolfing® Experience by Betsy Sise
– Provides an overview of Dr. Ida Rolf, the basic principles of structural integration and the 10-session series, training, and research.


Rolfing and Physical Reality by Ida Rolf
– Quotations and short essays in the words of the founder of this method of body work.



Rolfing®: Stories of Personal Empowerment by Briah Anson
– Case studies and experiences from a wide variety of people who had a 10-session series of structural integration.


One response to “A few books about the Rolf method

  1. I also really enjoyed:
    The Protean Body
    by: Don Johnson

    – Archie
    Rolf S.I.

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