Why receive bodywork?

Lots of people I know never get a massage or other types of bodywork. If that describes you, maybe now is the time to  reconsider. A seasonal transition can be a good opportunity for extra self-care as your body adjusts to the changing weather and daylight. Why not try structural integration or another type of hands-on therapy this spring?

Here are some reasons I recommend bodywork.

  • Bodywork feels good and helps reduce stress.
  • Bodywork can help you recover from a vigorous workout, fatigue, and over-use or other injuries.
  • Bodywork can help you sleep better.
  • Bodywork is good for the nervous and immune systems.

Further reading:
Massage Therapy.com explains the benefits of bodywork. Also see the related article Massage: Your Key to Health


One response to “Why receive bodywork?

  1. My issue is always affording it . . . pampering myself with bodywork (even if it’s more necessary than pampering) always gets pushed to the backburner when there are more “important” expenses that pop up.

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