Massage gizmo

One way to maintain the benefits of bodywork (either structural integration or massage) outside the session is with yoga and stretching, which is why I have so many posts about yoga. Sometimes, though, one needs something at home that more-or-less replicates hands-on work. Some examples are the foam roller, Thera Cane, Yamuna® balls, and other tools like these.

While I have had good results with those, I struggled to find a way to work my upper back and shoulder area the way I wanted. The balls or roller tend to roll out on me and have too large a diameter to hit the knots. With really curvy tools, I can’t seem to get the angle I want.

The Finn Hook in action.

My new favorite item to resolve this problem is the FinnHook. I was skeptical when I first saw it and wondered how it was better the other options.  Now that I have used it a number of times, I really like it. The angle works better, at least for my body, to access tight spots from desk and computer work, as shown in this photo from their web site. The shape of the end stays put where I want it, too.

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