The Inner Life of Asanas book

I used to read Ascent Magazine, which covered the spiritual and philosophical side of yoga. The magazine is no longer published, but the web site lives on. One of the columns was called The Hidden Language of Yoga. This column, and compilation in book form, “blends real-life reflections with Hatha Yoga instruction and penetrating questions that point to the spiritual roots of the practice,” according to the publisher’s web site. The book is called The Inner Life of Asanas and is written by Swami Lalitanada.


The Inner Life of Asanas by Swami Lalitanada

Here’s a quotation from the book that seems especially relevant for me today:

Practicing yoga means using whatever circumstances we are given and accepting that they are exactly what we need for our development. Keeping our purpose clear, we can step up to the challenge, recognizing that even in the most adverse situations there is the opportunity to develop character. We become stronger as we affirm our connection with our own inner Light, and also when we admit where we are not strong, where we need help.


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